Church Networks

Below is an ever-growing list of denominations, associations, church networks, fraternal networks, mission agencies, etc. who operate from a Calvinist perspective.

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Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals

A broad coalition of evangelical Christians from various denominations calling the Church, amidst a dying culture, to repent of its worldliness, to recover and confess the truth of God's Word as did the reformers, and to see that truth embodied in doctrine, worship, and life.
The Christian Reformed Church

A diverse family of healthy congregations, assemblies, and ministries expressing the good news of God's kingdom that transforms lives and communities worldwide.
Church Plant Now

A church planting ministry operating out of New Orleans. Very nicely designed site and well-crafted statement of beliefs.
Orthodox Presbyterian Church

A denomination dedicated to bringing glory to God through our churches and individual lives and making known to the world the good news of salvation through Jesus Christ.
Presbyterian Church in America

One of the faster growing denominations in the United States, the PCA holds that the purest expressions of scriptural doctrine are found in the Calvinistic creeds, particularly the Westminster Confession of Faith.
Reformed Blacks of America

A center that seeks to build and maintain an infrastructure and network among African-Americans in a Reformed theological context for indigenous leadership, church growth, and theological research for today's world.
Reformed Presb. Church of North America

A small denomination that is playing a key roll in re-introducing Calvinism to the culture by proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the doctrines of grace.
Reformed University Fellowship

A university ministry whose purpose is to build communities on college campuses that reach students of divergent beliefs and doubts with the message of the Gospel and equip them to love and serve Jesus and his Church.
Sovereign Grace Ministries

A family of churches passionate about the gospel of Jesus Christ and devoted to planting and supporting local churches, with a strong doctrinal basis that is evangelical, Reformed, and continuationist.
To Every Tribe Ministries

Reformed Baptist ministry that exists to glorify God by preaching the gospel in the still unreached regions of the world and to plant self-led, self-sustaining, self-reproducing evangelical congregations among them.