There are more Calvinist blogs than any one blogroll gadget can contain; that's why we're here. Below you will find an alphabetized (by name, not URL) list of blogs, each with a brief description. Feel free to submit additional blogs, provide a more accurate description line for your blog, or update us as to dead links.

While most every blog delves into miscellaneous matters from time to time, we ask that you limit submissions to actively (at least weekly) updated blogs which are primarily concerned with issues of general interest to the Calvinati (e.g. theology, the church, Christian worldview, etc.) Not all blogs written by a Calvinist will necessarily warrant inclusion. After all, John Piper may have a rockin' Earth, Wind, and Fire tribute blog or a daily dose of original Lara Croft fanfic, but we're going to pass.

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An Accidental Blog - A self-described "reformational, Kuyperian, Neo-Calvinist blog" with a very long track record, frequent posts, book reviews, and links to Calvinist/Kuyperian resources. http://stevebishop.blogspot.com

The Areopagus - This is the blog of Nail Mark Ministries: Bringing Ancient Truth To A Post-Modern World. http://www.nailmm.blogspot.com

Albert Mohler - President of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary and host of the Albert Mohler Radio Program, Dr. Mohler generally deals with cultural issues from a biblical standpoint. http://www.albertmohler.com/

askPJ - Pastor's blog from an emerging Calvinistic slant. http://askpj.wordpress.com

Because of Grace - A local church pastor, writing often about reformed theology and being a reformed pastor in a not-so-reformed church culture. http://jakeporter.wordpress.com

Between Two Worlds - Justin Taylor's incredibly popular blog. A Mix of theology, philosophy, politics, and culture. http://theologica.blogspot.com/

The Blessed Fear - Thoughts on the stuff of life from a Reformed pastor. http://matthewbford.blogspot.com/

Brethren Reformation - A Calvinist-oriented site with a focus toward reclaiming the fading Doctrines of Grace among Grace Brethren and other similar churches. http://blog.breformed.com

Bring the Books - A visually impressive site, blogging all things pertaining to the glory of God. http://www.bringthebooks.org

By Every Word... - Biblical reflections for the praise of God and the practice of godliness from Baptist pastor Doug Phillips. http://secondtimothy215.blogspot.com

Camp On This - Steve Camp's blog. "Equipping others with the treasure of the Gospel." http://stevenjcamp.blogspot.com

cal.vini.st - Perhaps the most clever URL ever. A blog dedicated to promoting theological discussion from the perspective of Reformed Theology. http://cal.vini.st

Calvinistic Cartoons - Hilarious but potent blog with lots of entertaining graphics. Its author shares his powerful testimony as well. http://calvinisticcartoons.blogspot.com

Challies dot com - The online home of Tim Challies, blogger, author and web designer. His tagline is "Informing the Reforming." As you might expect from a web designer, this site is incredibly tight, aesthetically pleasing, and easy to navigate. http://www.challies.com/

The Contemporary Calvinist - A third-generation pastor and his son contribute to this blog, offering frequent and succint updates, including a regular "This Week In Calvinism" feature. http://contemporarycalvinist.blogspot.com

Contend Earnestly - Seth McBee posts on the most current of current events both in and out of the church as well as issues of evangelism and cultural engagement (from a biblical, Reformed perspective,of course...) Very entertaining and a well-designed site if I've ever seen one. http://www.contendearnestly.blogspot.com

The Dead Theologians Society - Blog of a pastor looking at life, ministry, and theology from a reformed, Baptist perspective. http://deadtheologian.wordpress.com

DeYoung, Restless, and Reformed - Rev. Kevin DeYoung is pastor of University Baptist Church (a stone's through from Michigan State) and author of several books, including the award-winning Why We're Not Emergent. Kevin blogs whatever's on his mind and, being a Reformed pastor, it's always steeped in the sovereignty of God and sound doctrine. http://www.revkevindeyoung.com

The Discerning Reader - Great discernment blog by Tim Challies; book reviews of many reformed books. Saves a lot of time by giving the meat of many good volumes.

Dispatches From the Thick of the 42 Months - A Baptist pastor's caffeine-fueled rants, exhortations, and miscellaneous musings, usually updated twice-weekly and illustrated with original pen and ink drawings. http://twelve60.blogspot.com

Don't Stop Believing - Theology professor and Zondervan author Dr. Michael Wittmer posts regularly on a wide variety of topics, from the nature of belief to the emergent church to Christian worldview. Very active comments section. http://mikewittmer.wordpress.com

For the Time That Is Past Suffices... - A (near) daily blog dealing with both Calvinist and Southern Baptist issues, as well as how biblical Christianity can confront the postmodern/emergent worldview. http://toddongod.com

Gospel-Driven Disciples - Dedicated to making and true disciples of Jesus Christ who are driven by the gospel of Jesus Christ both in salvation and sanctification from a Calvinistic, baptistic, Scriptural foudation.

The Heidelblog - Dr. R. Scott Clark's blog is dedicated to recovering the Reformed confession by recovering Reformed theology, piety, and practice. http://heidelblog.wordpress.com

In All Things - A student's blog dedicated to exalting the Incomparable Glory of Jesus. http://www.trevorlaurence.wordpress.com

InChristus - Daily blog dedicated to thoughtful exchanges that encourage a philosophically informed, culturally relevant, and biblically faithful worldview. http://www.inchristus.wordpress.com.

Infused - Missional/ Reformed/ Charismatic blog introducing new and challenging reformed concepts on truth and missiology. http://theinfused.com

Joshua Harris - More than a decade ago, he got famous for kissing dating goodbye. Now he's still writing books and is the founding pastor of a thriving church. Josh's blog deals a lot with the YRR movement, with links to pages for his sermons, conferences, and books. http://www.joshharris.com

Light and Heat -Meditations on Pursuing God with both mind and heart. http://meretheology.blogspot.com

The Light-Hearted Calvinist - Sporting a large "Rated R for Reformed" disclaimer at the top, this blog is not always light-hearted, but always worthwhile. Written by a Baptist layman involved in prison ministries, the Light-Hearted Calvinist has a way of making you re-examine that long-held presupposition. http://thelightheartedcalvinist.com

Lyrical Theology - Reflections on the Gospel, theology and hip-hop culture by hip-hop artist Shai Linne. http://lyricaltheology.blogspot.com

Missio Dei - Approaching missions, church planting, apologetics, culture, theology, and everything in between from a reformed perspective. http://keithwalters.org

One Over 99 Ministries - Blog of a Reformed, biblical evangelist, geared toward those with whom he's shared the gospel. http://oneover99.blogspot.com

Play the Man - Committed to exhorting the church and especially its leaders to call believers to be courageous, while trusting in the sovereignty of God (and being courageous because they trust in the sovereignty of God.) http://blbarber.wordpress.com

Pursuing Truth - Posts about theology, church planting, philosophy, and the Gospel from a Reformed and missional perspective by a recent seminarian, soon to be church planter. http://jeffwrightjr.wordpress.com

Pyromaniacs - Insanely popular collaborative blog by four men affiliated with the Fellowship for Independent Reformed Evangelicals (F.I.R.E.), delivering large doses of Spurgeon, social commentary, and many entertaining and incredibly well-produced graphics. http://teampyro.blogspot.com

Reason From Scripture - A blog by Westminster Seminary California students, devoted to answering tough questions in philosophy and apologetics from the perspective of Reformed theology. http://reasonfromscripture.blogspot.com

Reformation Ink - Weblog of Shane Rosenthal, producer of the White Horse Inn.

Reformation Theology - Written by a group of confessing believers who come from diverse backgrounds yet agree on the Christ-exalting truths of the Reformation, such as the five solas, the doctrines of grace, monergistic regeneration, and the redemptive historical approach to interpreting the Scriptures. http://www.reformationtheology.com

Reformed Baptist - Deep-but-accessible blog of a Reformed Baptist teaching pastor. http://reformedbaptist.blogspot.com

The Reformed Reader - A blog devoted to book discussion from a Reformed, Christian perspective. http://reformedreader.wordpress.com/

Reforming Mom - Mother of five blogs about homeschooling and raising children in the doctrines of grace. http://www.shannonrjordan.blogspot.com

Religious Affections - A theological blog by a children's pastor, emphasizing bringing glory to God by delighting in Him. http://www.joyingod.com

Renewing Thoughts - Grace-focused blog by a Reformed pastor, Charlie Albright. http://renewingthoughts.blogspot.com

The Riddleblog - Dr. Kim Riddlebarger, pastor of Christ Reformed Church and co-host of The White Horse Inn, posts almost daily with several regular features ("Who said that?", links of interest, sermons, lectures, etc.) http://kimriddlebarger.squarespace.com

Road to the Cross - Primarily devoted to blogging through Calvin's Institutes. Also contains links, articles, and reflections on Scripture. http://roadtothecross.blogspot.com

Theological Jazz - A pastoral blog "Where Beauty and Theology Collide." http://brianmattson.wordpress.com

Urban Resurgence - Reviving theocentricity in the urban community http://urbanresurgence.wordpress.com

While We Sojourn - Several posts a week, often dealing with new books and other Calvinist resources. http://whilewesojourn.com