So mfbb is no longer hosting our message boards. At first, it appeared that we had somehow violated their terms of service and been deleted as a result. An Arminian plot? Turns out not.

Actually, mfbb has been struggling with hard drive crashes and an inability to get everything back up and running, resulting in quite a few boards being non-functional.

I had all-but-finished setting up the board on myfreeforum.org, only to find that there were a large number of sexual suggestive/inappropriate banner ads. What a waste. I had all but decided to just let the board die, as it was not exactly burning up with activity (about 50 registered users and an average of 1.5 posts per day). And the thought of starting all over, re-building the tree structure, making everyone re-register, etc. seemed like a guaranteed death blow to the poor, struggling forum.


  1. I've since had enough inquiries about the fate of the board to warrant trying another host, and...
  2. I've tried becoming active in a few other boards for Calvinists, finding them all to be either completley overrun by spammers or completely lorded over by pathetic power-tripping geeks (to quote Jim Halpert, "This is the smallest amount of power I've ever seen go to someone's head). I think it's important for forums to be free from spammers and obscenity, but also to be places where free expression is allowed (even if that expression challenges my understanding of the Westminster Confession or takes the form of some sharp polemical rhetoric).

    SO... let's give this thing another try. Calvinati boards, take 2. This time, I'm going to ask for input as to how we should lay out the threads. It's up to you if/how it will flourish, but rest assured it will be less...er...purityrannical than some other boards out there. We shall have no demerits system, no required self-flagelations, and certainly no thought-policing.

    The new Calvinati forum can be found at www.calvinati.com/forum

    Since it is self-hosted, there is no chance of this one disappearing on us. Please consider re-registering and referring this site to friends and family that may be interested.