Below you will find an ever-expanding list of radio programs, podcasts, video producers, etc. that have at their core a commitment to the doctrines of grace..

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The Apologetics Group

The ministry of Eric Holmberg, TAG has produced many great resources for churches and individuals (including the modern classic documentary Amazing Grace: The History and Theology of Calvinism.)
Lamp Mode Records

A record label that highlights the character of God, while presenting the Gospel of Jesus Christ and a biblical worldview through hip hop culture. Home of artists shai linne, JSON, and others.
Nicene Council

Christian think tank and producer of many great resources for churches and individuals (including the excellent new documentary, The Late Great Planet Church: The Rise of Dispensationalism.)
Pilgrim Radio

Pilgrim Radio presents the reading of the Bible 3 times a day, teaching and preaching by competent Bible teachers, readings from Christian books, interviews with Christian newsmakers, and discussion of current issues and events.
Pirate Christian Radio

An online radio station that is free from the scurvy plagues of pop-psychology, goofy fads, self-help, prosperity heresy,seeker-sensitivism, relativism, relevantism, and the sissy Oprah-fied religiosity that is being passed off as Biblical Christianity.
The Resurgence

A ministry of Mars Hill Church (Seattle), offering music, videos, ebooks, interviews, etc.
The White Horse Inn

A weekly radio show featuring two Reformed, one Baptist, and one Lutheran, discussing a variety of issues in the world and the church in light of the doctrines of grace. Their tag line: "Know what you believe and why you believe it."