Educational Institutions

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Calvin Theological Seminary

Offers eight degree programs (including MDiv and PhD), which integrate biblical, theological, and ministry perspectives.
Grand Rapids Theological Seminary

A graduate school that prepares biblically and culturally informed ministry leaders, engages theological education from a high view of biblical authority, and emphasizes the metanarrative, cross-cultural ministry, and exegesis using the Bible's original languages.
Kuyper College

Christian college that integrates academic and educational mission with a Kuyperian, Reformed worldview (all students double major, with one major being biblical/theological).
North American Reformed Seminary

A free Reformed seminary, training up pastors and lay people through quality curriculum and mentoring. TNARS is not state accredited, but is highly respected and endorsed by a number of well-known Reformed scholars and church leaders.
Providence Theological Seminary

Grounded in the Second London Confession, this seminary offers an MDiv, emphasizing New Covenant theology, Baptist ecclesiology, and the doctrines of grace.
Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary

Graduate school dedicated to preparing students for practical ministry and rooted in the Three Forms of Unity (The Belgic Confession, the Heidelberg Catechism, and the Canons of Dort) and the Westminster Standards of the 1640s.
Radio Bible Class

Offering resources and excellent free courses online for lay Christians, all from a solid Reformed perspective.
Third Millennium Ministries

An educational ministry whose mission is to publish and globally distribute a free multilingual, multimedia, digital seminary curriculum to hundreds of thousands of pastors around the world who lack sufficient training for ministry.
Westminster Seminary California

Seminary with a distinguished faculty of Reformed and Presbyterian pastor-scholars, offering MDiv and three MAs.