The Wall of Fame

The Wall of Fame

Everyone who contributes gets added to the Wall of Fame (unless you ask to remain anonymous). In addition to your name and contribution, you can post a quote. Although, the first few have been messages to me, you can post whatever you like as long as it's not obscene or blasphemous. In other words, you're allowed to post "I just paid a buck to tell everyone that this guy's a loser." That's fine by me.

Just type your quote in the box below.

Click on the icon below to shoot me a buck or two
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Quote for the Wall


"Good luck with school! Thanks for the laugh!"
-Katherine F- $5, 2-15-03

"Subway's good. You could pull a Jared."
-Matt S- $1, 1-17-03

"Great mix of silliness and solid content (ask the seminarian). Don't lose that edge!"
-John A- $20, 1-11-03

"I'm really sorry I could help more, but I am running a donation site! Good luck to you and your wife!"
-Erin P- $1.50, 1-4-03

"good luck! i'm a religious studies undergrad, and i know the trials and tribulations of RS (i would give you more if i wasn't a broke college student.)"
-Genan Z- $2, 12-10-02

-Daniel W- $5, 12-1-02

-Anonymous- $20, 11-11-02

"Looks like the wells dryin up, so here! :)"
-Kelly C- $5, 11-7-02

"Best of luck to you!"
-Niall- $2, 10-18-02

-Justin V- $2, 10-18-02

"You made me laugh and that's worth at least a dollar!"
-Karen P- $1, 10-15-02

-Stacey M- $20, 10-13-02

"A dollar is a dollar. Here's 2."
-Farah T- $2, 10-7-02

"I think [the watercolors] are beautiful! Thanks so much, and I wish you the best of luck!!"
-June M- $15, 10-3-02

-John I- $1, 9-27-02

-Melissa S- $5, 9-22-02

-Anonymous- $5, 9-20-02

"Here's two bucks, one from me and one from my friend David. Good Luck!"
-Wayne H- $2, 9-14-02

-Sally B- $50, 9-12-02

"Here's a dollar for your great cause...perhaps you could say a prayer for me...please see my website at"
-Denise B- $1, 9-10-02

"Whoops! The first time I gave you a dollar, I put my message in the wrong place! So here comes another buck for twice the luck!! And hey, help us, too!"
-Baby4theX's- $1, 9-6-02

"Hey.....what's up Z-man. My wife said she wanted this [watercolor], so I thought I'd claim it before someone else did."
-Terry B- $20, 9-4-02

"I'll always remember 'the man with a sword' - God Bless you Zach!"
-Hugh B- $10, 9-3-02

-William K- $1, 9-1-02

"I'm praying for you Zach. I could really use some blessings, too. God bless you!!"
-Donna P- $1, 9-1-02

"Remember the Alamo, Zach. Remember the Alamo."
-The Sunman- $2, 8-31-02

"God Bless Zach"
-Carolyn B- $1, 8-27-02

"You are one funny dude, Goodluck."
-Tasha P- $1, 8-27-02

"Preachers are poor! My dad is one. Good Luck!"
-Robin F- $2, 8-27-02

"This is the first time I have ever donated ANY $$ to something like this, but we need more people like you in the world. I hope you really are in the seminary!!"
-Jessica T- $2, 8-26-02

"Good luck! Come help me at"
-Matthew M- $1, 8-25-02

-Jill D- $1, 8-25-02

"From Lisa of"
-Lisa- $1, 8-23-02

"If you can count your money, you don't have a billion dollars . . . Give Zach a buck!"
-Abby C- $5, 8-23-02

"The Lord Helps Those Who Help Themselves! Good Luck!"
-Suzanne S- $2, 8-22-02

"Good luck to you!"
-Kelly H- $5, 8-21-02

"Very entertaining site - Best of Luck!!"
- Dee @ $2, 8-21-02

-Lacey S- $1, 8-21-02

-Anonymous- $1, 8-21-02

"Zachary is truley a saint,"
-Jack C- $1, 8-21-02

"Good luck Zach! Spread love, peace & joy!" $10, 8-21-02    Yes, the Karyn gave me $10! Thanks!

"Hope you get the money you need."
-Cheri L- $1, 8-21-02

"Good Luck." $20, 8-21-02

"Good job on the site. The $1 was worth the laugh I had."
-Shawna S- $1, 8/20/02

"Man, what a weird site, but here's 5 bucks for boldness and creativity."
-A brother in Christ- $5, 8/17/02

"Work for the Lord. The Pay isn't much,but the retirement is out of this world."
-Byron E- $10, 8/14/02

"God Bless you along your Journey."
-Juan B- $4, 8/14/02

"Why didn't I think of this?"
-Jeff P- $1, 8/12/02

"I saved Karyn too"
-David P- $1, 8/11/02

"Is Subway paying you for the product placement?"
-Gwen M- $1, 8/11/02

"I love my brother in-law!"
-Greg S- $20, 8/9/02

"This guy looks like he needs help. May God Bless him."
-Sid- $2, 8/9/02

-Jackie L- $10, 8/9/02

"luv helping my brother from another mother!!!!"
-Mike G- $100, 8/9/02

"I tried to give a quarter, but it wouldn't let me"
-Nick C- (attempted to give $0.25), 8/8/02 Thanks for the thought!!

"Cool site. Love the pictures."
-Robin C- $1, 8/8/02

"This sight is corney. heres a dollar call someone who cares"
-Ben F- $1, 8/7/02

"'Didn't ask for a dime. Two dollars.' -Johnny"
-Jen C- $2, 8/7/02

-Terry B- $25, 1/7/02

"May God bless your studies and your ministry. Hang in there!"
-Fr. Julian- $2, 8/6/02

"Cool site. I hope you get alot of $$$"
-Jessica R- $1, 8/6/02

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