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My name is Zachary and I am a seminary student.

The idea for this website came to me one day as I was standing in line at Subway.
I realized I didn't have enough money to get a pop with my sandwich.

There were a few people behind me in line, so I asked if anyone had a dollar I could have.

Three people offered me a dollar. I took one of them, said "thank you," and got my food.

But that got me thinking... No one ever hesitates to give you a dollar because, despite what Alf and Hulk Hogan try to tell us, a buck isn't worth very much.

I began to ponder... If only the line in Subway had 30 thousand people, each willing to give me a dollar-- I could take those dollars and pay for my whole seminary education...and no one would be out any more than a measly buck!

Then it hit me! Through the mass-communicating power of the World Wide Web, perhaps I could get a significant number of people to send a buck my way, to help me prepare for the ministry.

Of course, I'll never get $28,000 dollars and that's okay. I'm not poor or desperate, but 8 years of Bible college and seminary bring lots of DEBT and, unlike other grad students who will go on to make $100,000 a year, I'll probably be making less after I get my degree. (Preachers need to be poor; it keeps us in line... or something...) If 300 people give me just one dollar, it will buy me one credit hour of seminary classes... and man, it's so fun to be involved.

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